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Arizona Truck Auctions

Arizona Truck Auction Story

Arizona Truck Auction, was created by Michael Rudman a Chicago born entrepreneur living in Arizona with 15 years of automotive business and auction experience!

After spending years in the Arizona car & truck auction market, Michael realized there needed to be an easier, faster and more modern way for users to bid on online for trucks for sale by owner or a dealership.

Working with Los Angeles based creative agency RECREATE media, Michael created an idea of what he thought would simplify the industry. Team RECREATE went to work hands on with Michael to build a responsive website executing his idea into a technology that gives users an easy and quick way to bid online for their next truck or commercial vehicle.

For sellers it allowed a process of quickly listing their vehicles on a 3rd party site other than ebay. We focused on providing substantially the lowest listing fees in the industry to allow dealers to build their web presence and credibility through feedback scores. As our story begins and we change the online auction game for the better with our new auction technology! We are excited to announce includes the pure and honest Bidding platform BID SAINT and our new division called debuting this fall that allows our customers to quickly list their trucks, commercial vehicles or any other vehicle for just $1!

Thanks for stopping and learning more about our story!
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